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  2. She Lit a Fire

    Lord Huron Lonesome Dreams

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  3. bemusedbicycle:

    I had a shitty day and wanted to write something little and fun. 

    AU in which Killian and Emma are teacher chaperones at the high school dance. 

    Go steady with me.

    “Had I known this is what you wear to chaperone, Swan,” He leans casually against the wall to her left, light smirk twisting the corners of his lips as he looks her up and down slowly. “Perhaps I would have volunteered sooner.”

    She can practically feel his gaze as it lingers on the exposed skin of her collarbones, his ridiculous blue eyes flashing in the poorly lit gym. Unfair – it is unfair how he manages to look so good in a gym covered in taffeta and hormones. His eyes flick back to hers with a grin.

    “Please.” She rolls her eyes as another pre-teen lurks by, eyes fixed on her legs. She frowns and tugs her hem further down her thighs. Wrong dress – this was definitely the wrong dress. “I’m pretty sure you would argue just to argue with me.”

    He chuckles, hearty and rich, and her stomach flips in response. “Too right, lass.” He leans forward until their shoulders are touching, the rough starch of his shirt (he chose to go decidedly informal, his usual vest abandoned for a dark blue button down and jesus christ does the loose necktie work for him) grazing her bare arm. “Perhaps I just like to see you all hot and bothered.”

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BotFA first poster x

    BotFA first poster x

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  5. killian-the-meerkat asked:
    I love your theories! Totally works for me~

    Thanks darling!!

    I’m really kind of all over the place with this, as just when you think it could be one thing, something else makes sense too. I have no answers, only questions I needed to get off my chest. But my spidey sense tells me it’s significant in some way, I just have no idea what way yet. 

    Imma submit the question to all those media outlets headed to Comic Con, maybe we’ll get lucky and someone will ask A&E!



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  6. giggleswan:

    Killian Jones/Captain Swan & Victor Frankenstein/Frankenwolf parallels

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  7. but there was a pulse, wasn’t there? it was a small one but it was there…

    There sure was, Kimmy! There sure was. 


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  8. the-lady-swan noted that we also saw a (green) pulse when Henry put his heart into Pan.

    What if the pulse is a byproduct of the creation of magic?

    Hear me out.

    So usually, we’ve seen it happen during a TLK. And TLKs are an instance when True Love creates the most powerful magic capable of breaking any curse.

    During the Pan scene, magic was also being created, in that Pan’s powers were exponentially expanded due to his magic mixing with the power provided by Henry’s Truest Believer heart. It was dark magic obviously, but still new magic.

    This would explain why we didn’t see it then with Zelena, as no magic was being created. 


    If Emma & Hook did then share some sort of halfsie TLK due to the magic that was beginning to be created between them, the pulse would still play.




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  9. Here’s the question that still plagues me:


    It looked ridiculously similar to the True Love’s Kiss pulse. 

    But given that she still lost her magic, meaning the curse was not broken, it couldn’t have been a full TLK. 

    But it also apparently isn’t something that ’ just happens’ when magic is removed, because we didn’t see a pulse when Regina stripped Zelena of her powers. 

    I wonder this:

    I honestly don’t think Emma was in love with Killian «yet» here. She was barely acknowledging ANY of her feelings for him, especially in this regressionfest of an episode. And I firmly believe that for a kiss to be a TLK, both parties’ hearts have to be all in. Because that is what creates the magic, the deep and powerful love they share for one another


    He IS in love with her here. He’s all in. And there is another factor this show dances nimbly around (but overtly hints at): fate. And there have been so many Easter eggs that Killian was meant for Emma from the very beginning. 

    So if they are meant, and his heart is hers, could this have been some sort of halfsie? Not full power, but still an indicator of what’s to come? That there is magic happening between them, it’s just not at its full strength yet because Emma’s heart isn’t there yet. 

    I just find it so strange that they would add something as deliberate and noticeable to this scene if it was meaningless. Or if it was just an effect of her losing her power, again, why didn’t the same thing happen with Zelena?

    Emma’s scene was even set up like a total TLK moment: someone she cared about was cursed, danger ensued, she saved him with her mouth. (Tough racket, that. Putting your mouth on that man’s mouth.) But again, it wasn’t a true TLK as a) it was CPR not a kiss and b) her heart not being all in yet.

    Yet they still set it up like that. And there was still an energy pulse, just like when a TLK happens.


    (endless smoochies to my precious cinnamon roll emmabuttercupswan for my visual aid gifs)


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© Nigel Horsley


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    kindly gtfo
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  12. Be warned:

    I am 100% here for the Good Ship Captain Swan. 

    No time for any haterade. At all. In any form. 

    I’ve got a CS kiss tag that goes on for days, homies.

    And I will use it to drown out that darkness.



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  13. gentlesleaze asked:
    I don't appreciate you reblogging that sneak peek (without the background music jfc). Please give advance warning next time.


    (grunt grunt)


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  14. tehgreeneyes:

    I kissed Hook.
    I kissed Emma.

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